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Leo Angelo Bisquera is an emerging geometric abstract painter currently based in the Philippines. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts (painting) from the University of Santo Tomas in 2017, has exhibited throughout South and South-East Asia at venues including the Thailand Cultural Centre, Bangkok, and was a finalist in the Filipino based ARTablado National Painting Competition in 2020. He was invited to join Global Artists Committee of Asian Art Association in 2020.


His practice investigates notions of emotion and impulse through a variety of colour, line and field studies in his paintings. Combining geometric abstraction with a refractive and at times, psychedelic twist, Bisquera mounts a unique and highly stylised approach to portraying colour, pattern and movement.


Bisquera describes his practice as a combination of calculated geometrics and impulsive abstraction. Influenced by significant artists such as Sol LeWitt, Paul Klee and Sarah Morris, he seeks to expand on existing notions of abstraction from the era of modernism.

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